Artist Statement


My development as artist, as well as my growth as a human being, has been influenced and configured decisively by the Cuba's social and political context, place where I was born and lived until few years ago. Given this context, the arts have been my avenue to express my own interests, approaches and arguments, allowing me to elucidate and apprehend the complexities of life in Cuba. My work is the result of the reaction to all the socio-political dilemmas that I have had to live and fight for. My work provides me a way to define the meaning of art in this unique environment. I conceive my works as detonating ideas, which are able to generate different meanings in different contexts, although I always try to leave hints that help connect a variety of interpretations with my initial intent.

I have worked the ceramic sculpture in a broader contemporary art vision and I have tried to establish links with other techniques and artistic languages such as the sculpture, installation, performance and digital art. Starting from a continuum of experimentation, my approach is in the exploration of the relationship between objects and the viewing public. I've been using several references as the classic human torso and everyday objects. My most recent body of work is Sanitary Works. The primary focal point is the toilet bowl, used as a catalyst of the content. Sanitary furniture has a long history in modern art. In my project, the toilet acts as a reflection of the darkest aspect of humankind: private, shameful, hidden, scatological arena. This object is able to democratize human beings as its utility is not determined by the social status of the users.

In Sanitary Works I appropriate the real object as expressive detonator which is able to generate several connotations that emanate of their own function or use in the daily life; obtaining multiple and rich contents through simple changes in their habitual use. I try to create a commentary about how human behavior responds to the guidelines of collectivization and socialization. I also refer to the breakdown of social norms inherited, in particular, on the relationship between both private and public behavior. My intent is trying to open new perspectives about our conduct as human beings and the conditions that define us.

I have worked in ceramics for several years and I would like to continue my research. The majority of my artistic work has been made in clay although I have expertise in several sculpture techniques. I have received some public recognition for my work in Cuba but now I'm looking forward to expanding my knowledge having new materials and processes not available in Cuba.